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Foreskin Circumcise + inflammation problem

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2009-07-07 17:09:43

Foreskin Circumcise + inflammation problem

I am currently 25 and yet to have my foreskin circumcise.

Recently I had a skin inflammation(first time) of some kind at the head and have consulted a doctor and was given Tetracycline Cream, Neo A C capsules, Paracetamols and Eurolase Tablets. After applying the cream I am experiencing some mild pain but nothing unbearable, is that common? How long does it take to recover? Although I have difficulty retracting the foreskin, I am trying to pull back and clean it while in the shower, is that the proper way to keep it clean?

I have read about laser treatment here, can you possibly provide me with a name of the place to take it? And approx how much? I have been told that traditional method cost around 5k in loacl and 10k in hospital...

Thanks in advance~



2009-07-08 11:00:33

You are having infammation of your foreskin/ glans (balanoprosthitis).

If you are still having difficulty in retracting your foreskin at the age of 25, circumcision is probably a better choice for you. Laser circumcision is certainly one of the choice, though it is slightly more expensive, about 7K in clinic and 12K in hospital.



2009-07-09 12:05:11

Thanks for the quick reply! I will ask around for a suitable clinic I guess...

Just another question, how long do the inflammation usually take to heal? And approx how long will I have to rest after laser treatment since my job requires me to travel around.

Many thanks


2009-07-09 15:29:50

It might take  one week for the inflmmation to come down.

Most patients can go back to work after 1-2 days rest. But if you need to travel abroad or outside Hong Kong, I would suggest you to arrange your trip at least one week after the operation, to avoid any unexpected complication, like bleeding.



2009-07-28 23:59:51

Dr Chan,

Sorry for the late reply, thanks again for the help! Is it adviseble to delay the surgery to a later time? Now that the inflammation has subside, and I have managed to retract the foreskin and clean it daily, but due to my occupation its hard to find a week break... Cheers~

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